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Dunn Excavation is the most reputable Mansfield Excavation Company in and throughout Northcentral Ohio. Dunn Excavation provides the highest quality excavation services in Mansfield and the surrounding areas. We’re the best excavation company in Mansfield! We’re pleased to offer first-rate excavation services in Mansfield, Shelby, Ashland, Lucas, Lexington, Galion, Crestline, and the surrounding areas. We provide excavation services such as tank construction, gravel driveways, land clearing, demolition, gravel pads, and water lines, among other things. Also, we have highly skilled crews that can handle all of your excavation needs while delivering high-quality results. We Mansfield’s best excavation company! Allow us to show you who we are by working on your next project!

Excavating Company in Mansfield, OH

Dunn Excavation is the leading Excavation Company in Mansfield and the surrounding communities. Are you thinking about buying a new house? Do you want to improve your property? You’ve arrived at the right place! Dunn Excavation is the best excavation contractor in Mansfield, Ohio! We serve Mansfield and the rest of Northcentral Ohio to ensure that you receive high-quality results. We can handle not only your excavation needs, but also your concrete needs.

With our team of experts, we can assist you in clearing unwanted trees and bushes when purchasing land for your next home or business. After that, we can disconnect all of your water lines and handle all of your concrete work so that your new construction can be ready to go. Our employees have years of experience to ensure that you get the best work at the best price. No job is too big or too small for Dunn Excavation! We can also take care of your business projects! Call us today for a free quote on your next project, and we’ll show you why we’re Mansfield’s best excavating company. Allow Dunn Excavation to be your preferred excavation contractor!

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Land Clearing

Do you want to build a new house or make more room on your property? Dunn Excavation Company can handle your land clearing needs to ensure your new project’s success.


Water Lines

Is a new water connection to your house or a new water line to your irrigation system required for your new property? Dunn Excavation has the experience and crews necessary to dig a water line for your next project.



Dunn Excavation Company can build a new stock pond or tank on your property to hold more water for your livestock and fishing needs. Call us today for a no-obligation quote!


Gravel Driveway

If you’re looking for the best gravel driveway installation in Northcentral Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. A new gravel driveway can be installed at a reasonable cost by Dunn Excavation Company. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote!

Frequently Ask Questions

A, Try everything you can to make the area as accessible as possible. If that is beyond your abilities, make sure to notify Dunn Excavation of any potential obstacles ahead of time. You should also move anything on the property that will be in the way if at all possible.

A. Dunn Excavation works with the landowner or homeowner to ensure that utilities are clearly identified. If at all possible, the homeowner should identify any private utilities (dog fences, private electric lines, etc.). Communicate ahead of time with the Dunn Excavation company to determine who will be responsible for marking the utilities.

A. We do provide stock pond cleaning.

A. We are fully insured and bonded.

A. We are willing to perform demo work and clean up after ourselves.

A. We strive to make the lives of homeowners easier. Please contact us if you would like a quote.

A. We have successfully completed commercial and government projects for many years.

A. The simple answer is yes. Building on uneven ground can lead to a number of issues in the future, such as an unstable foundation and water drainage issues. Our grading services will ensure that these issues are properly addressed.

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Dunn Excavation strives to be the best excavation company in Mansfield. By paying close attention to detail and using the best materials available, we aim to provide you with the highest quality excavation services possible.

We have highly skilled and professional staff who will complete high-quality work to ensure your complete satisfaction with your project. We go above and beyond for our customers, and we want to take care of you because our reputation is built on your satisfaction. Also, we will complete the work on time and address any issues that arise. This is how Dunn Excavation operates and what we guarantee to you!

Why we love Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield is the county seat of Richland County in Ohio. It is part of the Northeast Ohio region in the western foothills of the Allegheny Plateau, halfway between Columbus and Cleveland via Interstate 71. It is the home of some historic and incredible landmarks such as the Historic Ohio State Reformatory. This castle-like prison, which was built in 1886, was intended as a reformatory for young offenders. The original cell blocks and administration areas remain intact despite the fact that the facility was abandoned in 1990, and restoration work is ongoing.

Five major motion pictures, including “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Air Force One,” were shot on location. Take a tour of the prison and learn about its Hollywood connections and paranormal activity. All year, the Shawshank Redemption Museum offers online virtual tours, a gift shop, Ghost Hunts/Walks, facility rentals, and special events. Spend time at the Shawshank Redemption Museum, where you’ll be surrounded by props, set pieces, costumes, and other treasures from the film.

City of Mansfield Ohio

For the outdoor enthusiast and adventure seeker, you can find the adventure that is ideal for you. The Richland B&O Trail is an 18.4-mile paved path that connects Mansfield, Lexington, Bellville, and Butler. The 5.7-mile Mansfield City Bike Loop is located at the trail’s northern end. Hike from Malabar Farm State Park to Mohican State Memorial Forest along the Clear Fork Valley Scenic Trail’s primitive hills.

Mansfield City School District is one of the state’s Urban 20 school districts. The School is located in central Ohio and features a number of attractions that capture the spirit of great tradition in Buckeye country. This school serves 3600 students in three elementary schools (Pre-K-3), one Spanish Immersion school, one intermediate school (4-6), one middle school (7-8), one high school (9-12), and one alternative school in pursuit of our mission. In addition, the district provides students with the most comprehensive curriculum and programs in the area, including college-prep, special education, and career and technical courses.


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