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Hiring an Excavating Company should be licensed, insured, and vetted.

Regarding property excavation, it’s important for property owners to hire a licensed, insured, and vetted excavating company. Learn why it matters and what to look for in a reliable company.

If you have an excavation project coming up soon, you might be tempted to handle it independently, but doing so would not be in your best interest.

Hiring a professional would be in your best interest. It’s not a knock on your experience or skill level, but going the DIY route isn’t the best way to move forward, given how difficult the task is.

When excavation is needed, you must hire a professional for many reasons.

An investment in an excavation can often be quite pricey. Some individuals look for any opportunity to cut costs, and one such way they might do this is by attempting to excavate their property using rented machinery.

Unfortunately, this can have extremely negative repercussions. You really should invest in hiring an excavation company that professionals run.


excavating company

The excavation process does not always go according to plan.

Common issues, such as unexpected weather or issues with the soil, can cause it to cave in. Sometimes the area can also encounter rock or sand underneath the ground’s surface, making the excavating process more complicated than you initially thought. Common problems include issues with the soil or unexpected weather during excavation.

Problems of this nature can cause significant delays in completing your project. However, a licensed excavating contractor like Dunn Excavation Mansfield has the experience to deal with these surprises and others as they arise.

It will save you time, energy, and additional hassle you would otherwise have to deal with on your excavation project.


excavating company

When you hire Dunn Excavation Mansfield, you not only get skilled professionals capable of operating the high-quality equipment and machines necessary for your excavations, but you also get the equipment and machines themselves.

Providers of excavation services who are professionals have access to knowledge unavailable to general contractors. Put your faith in the experience of a responsible group. Dunn Excavation Mansfield crew undergoes training to operate high-quality equipment and machinery for excavation projects.




Due to the use of powerful machinery and the fragile nature of the excavated ground, excavation can be risky. Because of the high unpredictability inherent in this line of work, appropriate safety measures must always be a priority.

Proper precautions must be taken at all times to ensure the safety of property and land.


excavating company

You can expect dust, dirt, and debris from the ground below on any excavation site. In addition, large tree stumps, slabs of concrete, and plastics may also be included.

These items must be removed from your property to maintain your location’s cleanliness and avoid disturbing neighbors.

In most cases, some specific rules and regulations must be followed to ensure the proper management of the waste material removed from your site.

Your excavation specialist will be able to guide you on the most effective procedures to follow, as each state has its own set of regulations in this regard.

Because it is possible that newer or less experienced providers of construction services will not be familiar with these rules and regulations, it is best to seek the assistance of an experienced professional like Dunn Excavation Mansfield.



In any excavation project, there is a significant risk of causing unnecessary harm to the surrounding environment. Because of this, Dunn Excavation Mansfield strongly emphasizes employing the appropriate techniques for excavating an area without causing any harm to the surrounding natural environment.

The qualified professionals at Dunn Excavation Mansfield make protecting the environment a part of their focus instead of only focusing on digging holes. It includes:
  • Carefully supporting the topsoil.
  • Conserving rare trees.
  • Defending site drainage.
  • Maintaining environmental air quality.




By having knowledgeable professionals executing the excavation project, you will not worry that mishaps will happen because an expert handles it.

Professionals with extensive experience and training make up the Dunn Excavation Mansfield crew.

They can handle any workload, use the equipment and tools correctly, and know the risks associated with the job.



Anything, including catastrophes, is a distinct possibility during the excavation process.

A simple error can result in a severe accident. It is of the utmost importance to plan for the aftermath of such an event, which may result in personal injuries or damage to property.

To your good fortune, Dunn Excavation Mansfield possesses dependable insurance coverage that will shield you from legal responsibility if you suffer an injury or property damage.

It provides another justification for employing them as your expert excavators.

Excavating a site is labor- and time-intensive and calls for using heavy machinery. Keep this in mind, and if you want to avoid the risk of losing money or getting hurt, you shouldn’t try to handle it on your own.

Instead, your best bet is to hire a professional excavating company such as Dunn Excavation Mansfield.

Dunn Excavation is the most trusted Mansfield Excavation Company in Northcentral, Ohio.

Dunn Excavation offers the best excavation services in Mansfield and the surrounding region. Our extremely competent crews can handle all your excavation demands while producing high-quality results.

Employing Qualified Experts in the Field


The simple truth is that any excavation job requires the assistance of a specialized excavation company. If you attempt to do it yourself, you might be able to save some money initially, but in the long run, it might cost you a lot more.

You can get assistance with excavating construction from Dunn Excavation in Mansfield. Call us right now to learn more about our expertise and experience!

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What’s your ideal excavating company?

To help you find the excavating company that is best suited to meet your requirements, we have compiled some helpful advice that you can use.

Learn the fundamentals from our articles.

Finding the right group of people to work with can be challenging.

You need to find an excavating company with all the necessary equipment to finish the job correctly, as well as a crew that is experienced and knowledgeable enough to finish the job without causing damage to your property, your finances, or any combination of the two.

Because so many things need to be considered, hiring an excavating company might initially appear impossible. For instance, you need to ensure that the service you go with is reputable and that the excavating company can complete the job in the allotted amount of time before you hire them. In addition to that, they have to work within your financial constraints.

It is not an easy task to find a company that strikes a balance between all of these factors. Because of this, we’ve put together a detailed list of the essential qualities that should be present in a reliable excavation company.

Therefore, if you need to excavate a site for a project, you should make certain that the excavating company you hire possesses the qualities listed below:


  1. Comprehensive Expertise in the Industry

excavating company

When excavating a site, there is no substitute for experience, and their knowledge is specific to the industry. However, site excavation is a difficult problem with myriad unique considerations that must be considered to guarantee that the project will be finished on time.

Therefore, an excavating company with years of industry experience knows the many complications that can arise during site excavation and is better equipped to resolve them promptly. This is because such a company has been exposed to the industry longer.

We at Dunn Excavation Mansfield can give you the best service possible, not to mention the highest possible quality. So, give us a call, and Dunn Excavation Mansfield is the company that fulfills all your requirements for an ideal excavation service.

  1. The Absolute Highest Level of Professionalism

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There is no way to get around the fact that professionalism is necessary for site excavation projects. The excavation company’s responsibility is to conduct themselves professionally, given that you have little to no knowledge about the various challenges that can arise during the excavation process.

A company that specializes in site excavation not only needs to have a solid work ethic, but they also need to keep their lines of communication open at all times. The latter is essential because it guarantees that you are always updated with what is occurring at the construction site.


  1. The Efficient Operation of the Excavation


You should avoid going with a site excavation company that will take a very long time to finish the job in the best-case scenario. However, before you come to a conclusion about what to do, you need to consider several important factors, one of which is the productivity of the excavation.

Most people have the misconception that they won’t truly understand how well an organization runs until after they have joined it. But, as you know, this is not always true.

You can look up testimonials and customer reviews to better understand a company’s performance before calling the company for an excavation project.

  1. Proven Track Record within the Sector

excavating company

As was mentioned earlier, a site excavation company’s years of experience in the industry can assist the business in recognizing potential issues before they manifest themselves.

This guarantees that your project will not become bogged down by distractions and will be finished right on schedule.

As a result, if you need site excavation done, it is strongly suggested that you go with a company with years of experience working in the industry. The team at Dunn Excavating in Mansfield would be more than happy to assist you in finding an experienced and cost-effective site excavation company if that is what you are looking for.

We have provided our commercial clients in Mansfield, Ohio, for many years, with excavation and site preparation services. In addition to our impressive track record of unrivaled success in the industry, we provide landscape grading and timber removal services!

Dunn Excavation Company is a locally-owned and operated excavation company in Mansfield, Ohio. As an excavation contractor, we strive to provide the best excavation services in Mansfield and the surrounding areas.

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So, if you as a client want to be sure that your next site excavation project will be successful, pick up the phone and call Dunn Excavation Mansfield at (567) 320-1383 or get a free estimate right away!